Gays, Lesbians can’t marry: Cabinet

Story Author(s): Blessed Mhlanga

News Source: Newsday

Publication/Broadcast Date: May 11th, 2019

Country(ies): Zimbabwe

Original Source Link: (English)

Story Summary:

Same sex marriage not approved by cabinet whilst heterosexual marriages are, homosexuality marriages have been prohibited in the ammendment of the Marriages Act. Though a Christian country other religions such as Islam, Hinduism are allowed that is striking but the government is exclusive of sexual minorities and are denied the right to marriage.

Topics: Court cases, Discrimination, Family, Healthcare, Legislation, and Marriage

LGBTQI+ Identities: Gay, Lesbian, and LGBTQI+ (broad unspecified SSOGIE coverage)

Journalistic Issues: Journalistic approach shows clear bias, moralizing, fear mongering, sensationalizing, prejudice, ridicule, etc., Language/terminology is negative/discriminatory/dehumanizing/, LGBTQI+A voices missing entirely (zero), Research/context is insufficient or questionable, and Source/subject safety is addressed inadequately

Rating: 4

Rating Rationale:

it is one sided article which seems to be political and discriminatory against the LGBTIQ+ community. The Journalist does say much and seems boxed.