Gays praise Mnangagwa

Story Author(s): Nqobani Ndlovu

News Source: The Standard (Zimbabwe)

Publication/Broadcast Date: June 17th, 2018

Country(ies): Zimbabwe

Story Summary:

This is an objectively reported story about GALZ and other LGBTI groups being permitted to exhibit at the ZITF trade fair for the first time.

Topics: Discrimination, Political or religious leaders' statements, and Workplace

LGBTQI+ Identities: LGBTQI+ (broad unspecified SSOGIE coverage)

Journalistic Issues: Journalistic approach is fair, balanced, objective and Language/terminology is accurate/inclusive

Rating: 2

Rating Rationale:

It quotes GALZ ED Chester Samba and provides relevant and mostly accurate context about the recent history of LGBTI discrimination under Mugabe. The headline is overstating it a bit.