I’m your dad, he’s your papa

Story Author(s): Unnamed

News Source: Daily Nation

Publication/Broadcast Date: May 22nd, 2012

Country(ies): Kenya

Story Summary:

Our audiences’ biases, prejudices, and fears around SSOGIE issues often stem from ignorance or misinformation. Our job as journalists is to inform the public, not to prey on their fears for our own financial gain. Consider the following introduction to a story about a Kenyan National Human Rights Commission report that recommended the decriminalization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage:

The unnamed author’s fearmongering and reliance on invented terminology to introduce a news report is irresponsible, unprofessional, and unethical. Such framing does a disservice to our readers and should be avoided at all costs. The photo of two white women in wedding dresses perpetuates the myth that only white/”Western” people are LGBTQI+.

Topics: Adoption, Discrimination, Family, Marriage, Political or religious leaders' statements, and Religion

LGBTQI+ Identities: "homosexuality" (abstract) and Gay

Journalistic Issues: Journalistic approach shows clear bias, moralizing, fear mongering, sensationalizing, prejudice, ridicule, etc., Language/terminology is negative/discriminatory/dehumanizing/, LGBTQI+A voices insufficient, Negative myths/stereotypes are reinforced/perpetuated, Research/context is insufficient or questionable, and Visuals/photos are generic and neutral

Rating: 4