Magwegwe residents up in arms over gay parties

Story Author(s): B-Metro Reporter

News Source: B-Metro

Publication/Broadcast Date: October 25th, 2019

Country(ies): Zimbabwe

City(ies): Bulawayo

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Story Summary:

Article discusses allegedly ‘gay’ weekly parties in a high density suburb of Bulawayo, organised by members of GALZ. It draws on the trope that LGBT people are rowdy, and invokes the threat their presence poses to children.

Topics: Discrimination

LGBTQI+ Identities: "homosexuality" (abstract), Gay, and Lesbian

Journalistic Issues: Journalistic approach shows clear bias, moralizing, fear mongering, sensationalizing, prejudice, ridicule, etc., LGBTQI+A voices insufficient, Negative myths/stereotypes are reinforced/perpetuated, and Research/context is insufficient or questionable

Rating: 4

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