Men made me a lesbian after raping me three times

Story Author(s): Trudy Mbaluku

News Source: The Standard

Publication/Broadcast Date: January 17th, 2013

Country(ies): Kenya

City(ies): Nairobi

Story Summary:

In this story from Nairobi, a lesbian woman attributes her sexual orientation to sexual violence. Few sexual minorities would agree with this parallel, but absent any other voices in the article, the subject’s controversial claim stands as authoritative testimony. While the subject is certainly entitled to her belief, it should be balanced by a range of opinions and testimonies so that readers are not left to falsely believe that sexual violence determines sexual orientation.

Topics: Discrimination, Violence, and Workplace

LGBTQI+ Identities: Lesbian

Journalistic Issues: Journalistic approach is objective, but unjust weighting of sources/info, Language/terminology is inaccurate/misused but with no apparent malice, LGBTQI+A voices insufficient, Negative myths/stereotypes are reinforced/perpetuated, Research/context is insufficient or questionable, and Visuals/photos are affirming and relevant

Rating: 3