Nkurunziza furious as Senate rejects anti-gay law

Story Author(s): Josh Kron

News Source: The EastAfrican

Publication/Broadcast Date: March 28th, 2009

Country(ies): Burundi

Story Summary:

This article makes numerous reference to “the roughly 400 gay people living in Burundi,” a country of more than 10 million people, without ever citing a source. Statistics concerning sexual orientation and gender identity are extremely unreliable given that such data must be self-reported, often in societies where homosexuality is stigmatized or unlawful. That being said, the proportion of sexual minorities among Burundi’s general population is certainly above 0.004% if surveys from other parts of the world provide any guidance. Be skeptical of any SSOGIE statistics you come across, and always check and report the source if you do use numbers in your stories.

Topics: Discrimination, Legislation, Political or religious leaders' statements, and Religion

LGBTQI+ Identities: "homosexuality" (abstract)

Journalistic Issues: Journalistic approach shows clear bias, moralizing, fear mongering, sensationalizing, prejudice, ridicule, etc., Language/terminology is inaccurate/misused but with no apparent malice, LGBTQI+A voices are sufficient, Negative myths/stereotypes are left unchallenged, Research/context is insufficient or questionable, and Source/subject safety is addressed adequately

Rating: 3