Setting the Record Straight – Coalition For African Values of Love, Unity and Tolerance Strongly Responds To and Debunks Misconceptions About the LGBT Community In Ghana

Story Author(s): Nii Smiley Byte

News Source: Ghana Celebrities

Publication/Broadcast Date: November 5th, 2019

Country(ies): Ghana

City(ies): Accra

Original Source Link:

Story Summary:

This op-ed/article documents a press conference that was held in Ghana by the Coalition For African Values of Love, Unity and Tolerance, aimed at fighting anti-LGBTQ hate and misconceptions.

Topics: Discrimination, Good News, and Political or religious leaders' statements

LGBTQI+ Identities: "homosexuality" (abstract) and LGBTQI+ (broad unspecified SSOGIE coverage)

Journalistic Issues: Language/terminology is accurate/inclusive, LGBTQI+A voices are sufficient, Negative myths/stereotypes are effectively challenged, and Visuals/photos are affirming and relevant

Rating: 2

Rating Rationale:

This is a very LGBTQI+-affirming op-ed that helps debunk homophobic myths. The author is biased in favour of equality and doesn’t hide his pro-LGBT sentiments (and disdain for opponents – which could alienate some readers).

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